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Adult Hockey

Renegade Teammates Kelsey Cochran and Trevor Montgomery tie the Knot!

Renegade Teammates Kelsey Cochran and Trevor Montgomery Tie the Knot!

KCIC Adult Hockey Game Schedule For Today

Update for Games on - Monday March 27th

Inside rink - tonight's games are on as scheduled

Outside rink - closed for the season 

Rosters are set (no adding new players at this time) and no player can play without a current USA Hockey #

Note: If your team uses Bench App keep in mind that it's not connected to our website - which has the official master schedule. And the schedule changes weekly. It's probably a good idea to verify your teams game time before leaving for the rink!

Sub player policy - if a team needs to pick up a sub player for a game, the team picking up the sub is required to notify the opposing captain and get their permission. The penalty for using an "un announced sub" is a 3-0 loss.

12/8/2020 - League disclaimer - in order to maintain a proper competitive balance the league reserves the right to change a teams schedule or move them into another division altogether, based on their top players skill level. Teams need to play in the league that their top player (s) skill level dictates.

Thank You Letter from Chet Neumann

To the Kansas City area hockey community,

Thank you for your recent contribution towards my care. My wife Gudrun and I are so grateful for your generosity. I know you are thinking of me, and that gives me great joy!

Please know, I continue to make progress every week in terms of improving my overall health, exercising my limbs (passive exercise) and eating healthier than at any time in my life. I love spinach now, those of you who know me would find that surprising.

My paralysis persists, and will likely be with me the rest of my life. However, thanks to physical and occupational therapy, wonderful pain management and overall care from my team of doctors at KU med, I feel better every day.

Last September, I received stem cell therapy and since that time I have sensation throughout my body, more strength and significant improvement in my shoulder (and neck arthritis - which pre-dated the accident).

All of this leads me to have more stamina, which allows me to drive my wheelchair, read, talk and swallow without getting too tired.

My care is expensive, as medical insurance doesn't cover my needed supplies, which are numerous. Your donations reduce the stress out of that part of my life.

Please know I welcome and look forward to your visits and emails, so feel free to reach out to Gudrun (816) 868-0134 or, if you would like to stop by the house.

I think of you often and love hearing news of your antics.

Enjoy the game,

Chet Nuemann


KCIC Adult Hockey Fall / Winter Session Info

2022 - 2023 KCIC Adult Hockey Fall / Winter General Information

Team cost - $6,325 - 22 games plus playoffs

Start date - week of November 13th

All players must have a current USA Hockey number to participate

As our summer session winds down, we are making plans for our Fall / Winter session. And this brings good news / bad news. 

The good news is that our adult league continues to expand and we are expecting a record number of teams - probably around 50!

The bad news is ice times continue to be in short supply. 

So if your team is interested in having a team in our Fall / Winter session I need to hear from you.

Please send me an email with the following information:

Team name 

Captain's name

Phone number

League your team would like to play in 

Once I receive this I will send an official KCIC roster sheet (which will need to be completed and submitted before your team can be included in the schedule).

In addition, each captain will be asked to fill out a declaration page, which will help us determine where your team would fit best in our league.

Tom Prendergast (816) 898-1816

KCIC Adult Hockey League Information Guide

KCIC Adult Hockey Leagues – Our Story

Despite not being a professional “hockey town”, Kansas City is home to a lot of transplanted hockey players from all 50 states. Because our rink stays open all year, our leagues are always in session. We basically have two seasons, the traditional NHL season calendar (October through May) which is our Fall / Winter / Spring season and a summer league (June – September). Our main season is typically between 22 – 24 games while the summer season is 10 games.

Geographically, we are located on the Kansas side (in Shawnee, KS). We are about 20 minutes south and west of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The other two ice rinks are both located in Missouri. There’s a rink in Independence, Missouri (Cable Dahmer Arena, this is the home of our minor league hockey team - the Mavericks). And the Line Creek arena is located up north, about 15 minutes from the KCI Airport.

All three rinks offer both youth and adult hockey leagues. KCIC has two regulation sheets of ice (one indoor and one outdoor). The Independence rink has two regulation size ice sheets (both indoor), while Line Creek has one indoor rink, which is similar to the old Boston Garden rink dimensions, this is a slightly smaller ice rink surface.

In most places, ice hockey players usually play on a team that is close to where they live, that’s not the case here. It’s fairly common for the vast majority of players in this town to be playing on at least two teams (which play at different arenas). These are diehards and true hockey fans!

For these folks money and location make no difference. Its game on regardless of where they live and work. For the most part, the greater Kansas City metropolitan area is like a big small town. You can probably get anywhere in less than 45 minutes (if there’s traffic – but we really don’t have much, unless you’re headed to a Chiefs game!)

Getting on a team and finding the right league!

Some things are easy while others are hard.

If the timing is right and you attend one of our new player scrimmages (which we hold on the last day of each session), you are going to get drafted by a team. Typically we have two (one for C / D and Z  players) and one for A / B players. There’s no charge to attend but you must have a current USA Hockey membership.

Our ranking system is fairly self-explanatory.

Olympic Division – the best of the best (former professional or college players)

Gold Division – travel and high school players

Silver Division - house players

Bronze Division – didn't play organized youth hockey

D players – fairly new to the game (still learning)

Z players – novice players

In addition to these skill categories we have some peer group leagues as well.

45+ league – this is like the A/B league for our older, more mature players

50+ league – this is like the C league for our older, more mature players

KCIC Adult Hockey League breakdown (what these are really like)

Olympic Division (formerly A League) – This league is made up of primarily very talented, young, skilled and really fast hockey players. If you have to ask if you belong in this league (then you don’t)!

Bob Klem C League – this league is named after one of our former teammates (he was a goalie) who as a 60+ player, played in every league and rink in the city. It’s only fitting that we would name one of our leagues after Bob, who literally died “with his skates on”! During the second period in a game at the Independence rink in February 2018, he suffered a heart attack and died in the locker room. And while this was incredibly traumatic for everybody who was there, it’s certainly the way Bob would have wanted to go – except not so soon.

Bob Klem – Gold Division – we place our top teams in this upper division.

Bob Klem – Silver Division – teams that fit best in the middle

Bob Klem - Bronze Division - the remaining teams

D League – Teams in this league are made up of players who are moving up from our Z league and are still learning every aspect of the game. This league is by invitation only.

Z League – founded by longtime player, Max Utsler, this league is by invitation only and if you can skate backwards – then you’re too good to play in this league. This league is by invitation only.

45+ League – many of our very best older players compete in this league. The difference is that the speed factor isn’t as great as it is in our A/B league. The guys that play in this league just aren’t as fast as they used to be and as a result, have lost a step or two (or three) and find it hard to keep up with the 20 and 30 something players.

50+ League – many of our veteran players (who have been playing their entire lives) are finding it more challenging every game to keep up with the newer and younger players. So players in this league are going to be peer group appropriate with their opponents.

OK here’s where it gets kind of tricky. You’re a new player in town and you’re not sure what league you belong in. OK that’s fair enough. The good news is that once we see you play, we’re going to tell you exactly what league you belong in.

Keep in mind that if you moving here from let’s say, Minnesota and you played on your high school hockey team, but didn’t score a lot of goals. Depending on your skill level is how we will determine where you belong at KCIC.

So if you arrive during the season, you’ll be placed on our sub list (and will get the chance to play when a team needs a player). Chances are if you impress the captain with your impromptu appearance, you’re going to be invited to stay with that team. If not – then you’ll just keep subbing until our next new player scrimmage.

Our prime directive is to find a place for every adult hockey player who wants to play!

Tom Prendergast


(816) 898-1816

Gudrun and Chet Neumann by the fireplace - St Patrick's Day 2023 - feeling better!

Chet Neumann Update - Friday March 17th

There's an old saying that goes like this: "Sometimes, bad things happen to good people"! Well in Chet's case, the worst possible thing happened (during a hockey game), to the nicest person I know. 

Chet's resilience and positive attitude is simply amazing! And his wife, Gudrun has been remarkable and a tower of strength throughout. Both of them have handled this situation as well as humanly possible. 

This morning I had the opportunity to visit with the Neumann's in person. On behalf of the KCIC adult hockey teams, I gave them $7,000, which was collected from every team ($150 is included in the league fee), this session. 

While Chet's medical bills have been covered by insurance, they have many other expenses that aren't - so our teams generosity is certainly welcome and appreciated. 

Chet expressed his sincere thanks and wanted everybody to know how grateful he was. I told him that the KCIC adult hockey community misses him and that he remains in our thoughts and prayers everyday!

Tom Prendergast - Adult Hockey Commissioner



No games on Sunday April 9th - Easter

KCIC Drafted Players

KC Scouts - Adam Hazlett / Matt Kuzander

Owls - Timothy Borsdorf / Jack Einhorn 

Saints - Michael Foley / Matthew Misch 

Cutters - Bill Owecke / Zachary Maier

Apes - Shawn Peters

Ducks - Shane Ford

Tropics D - Matt Carmody / Joe Trombly 

Wolfpack D - Clinton Thompson 

Zeppelins - James Weemhoff / Jeremy Weemhoff 

Killer Beez - Nolan Pierce

Zombies - Peter Sperl

If your names not on this list, please give me a call.

Tom P (816) 898-1816


Chet with Hippo

Chet with Hippo

KCIC Summer Adult Hockey Teams Donate $7,000 to Chet

The 44 teams playing this summer each donated $150 per team for Chet. And the money is going to purchase his new wheel chair - which his insurance company wouldn't pay for!

Chet is feeling fine and is back to his weight in high school of 140 lbs.

Under additional good news, USA Hockey's insurance company (K&K) has started sending checks (totaling around $8,000), with more on the way as his medical bills start hitting the deductibles.

Exciting News for KCIC Adult Hockey Members

An accident can happen in a blink of an eye and change our lives forever. We are pleased to announce a new Accident Policy available to our members. If you were to have an accident, the benefits from this accident plan are paid directly to you over and above any other coverage you have. There is also a lump sum Cancer policy available. Click on the link below for benefits, details, eligibility, limitations, and how to apply online.

KCIC Adult Hockey Mission Statement

This league is for amateur players only. It's a pay to play league, and we have different skill levels and age groups. Based on a players skill level or age, we have a team for every player who wants to play ice hockey in the greater Kansas City and surrounding areas.


Tom Prendergast

KCIC Adult Hockey Commissioner

Phone: 816-898-1816 email:

Statement from the Commissioner

We are certainly fortunate to have so many talented hockey players participating in our adult league at KCIC. Actually it's truly amazing!

In addition to some of the top players in the area, we also have many newcomers to the sport, who are just getting their feet wet, so to speak.

And in between we have all sorts of players who fall into the middle category.

That's the main reason we offer as many different leagues as we do. The system works well when all of our teams are competitive and the players in each league are on par with their opponents.

Problems arise when a really good player is asked to sub in a league in which that players skill level exceeds the other players on the ice. You don't have to be a former NHL scout to spot the player on the ice who can go end to end, at will and never break a sweat. So for that game anyway, the rest of the players can only watch in awe as that sub player dazzles with their superior stick handling abilities and top shelf shot!

Our captains (who by the way do a terrific job), are the first line of defense in maintaining a competitive roster and insuring that their players are in compliance with the other teams in the league. But sometimes the wrong player will be recruited to sub, while the teams captain is not at the game and the desire to win overtakes the common sense mentality that the league relies on for all teams to follow.

It's summer time and thankfully, families are once again going on vacations. Making sure your adult hockey team has 10 skaters is low on the priority list - to be sure. The league understands this and realizes how difficult it is sometimes to get two lines!

But at the same time, this is not an opportunity for teams to bring on players that elevate their team to the next level. If that's the case, then the league will simply move the offending team - to the next level!

As a courtesy (in addition to being a league rule), teams are required to notify the other teams captain prior to the game that they are using a sub player. This captain has the right to veto the sub player prior to the game.

Failure to announce a "sub player" will result in a forfeit loss to that team.

Tom Prendergast 

(816) 898-1816 - email:

KCIC Adult Hockey Season General Information

We certainly appreciate your business and we are grateful that you have selected to pay to play in our league! So first and foremost, you are a customer. We realize that without paying customers – we couldn’t stay in business.

Our league is governed by USA Hockey rules and regulations and every participant is required to have a current USA Hockey membership - which you can purchase through their website.

In addition you must agree to abide by our rules and regulations.

Main points of interest – we are a no check league and don’t allow fighting. Both are big no no’s and violators will be tossed from the game and potentially from the league. Our prime directive is to find a team for every player who registers in our league. To that end we offer several different skill levels.

The leagues we offer are intended to bring about the most competitive and fair teams, while at the same time allowing players to be on the same team as their buddies. Our captains are the guardians of this system and use a ranking formula to try and balance out the teams. For the most part, speed is the main factor that ultimately determines what league you play in.

Projected leagues at KCIC for the upcoming season:

Due to the number of adult teams there is no set day that any league will be scheduled for games every week. These are only approximate days.

Olympic Division – games are scheduled during the week

Bob Klem League (Gold / Silver / Bronze Divisions) - Sundays

D League - Mondays (This league is by invitation only)

Z League – (This league is by invitation only) - games are played on Thursday and Friday nights

45+ League – games are usually played during the week

50+ League - TBA

In mid-November the outdoor pavilion opens and allows us some additional ice times. Please be aware that the majority of game times during the week will start after 9:00pm.

Team captains should submit their rosters with jersey and USA Hockey numbers to the rink. Please e-mail Kristi Tamez -

Also it's very important that every player is listed on a roster. This is a pay to play league - so a financial commitment is required by all participants. Every teams roster is listed on the website and in turn, show up on every game score sheet. If your name is not listed - then your team could potentially forfeit the game. 

We also require a photo ID for every player.

Finally, please keep in mind that our scorekeepers and on ice officials don't care who wins or loses, on any given night. They are providing a much needed service and any abuse to these folks will result in an immediate suspension.

If you have any concerns or complaints regarding league issues - give me a call.

Tom Prendergast - Commissioner (816) 898-1816

KCIC Adult Hockey League Requirement - Photo ID

Wednesday November 22nd, 2017 

Effective December 1st, 2017 all KCIC adult hockey players must have a photo ID (government issued) on file with the rink. If a player cannot produce this ID (or chooses not to) that player or players will not be allowed to participate in KCIC league games.

No exceptions.

Tom Prendergast - Commissioner

New rule Photo ID: Every player who participates in the KCIC Adult Hockey League must provide a valid (government issued) photo ID. No exceptions. In the event a team requests a verification check of a player on the opposing team, the player in question must provide a photo ID as soon as the game is over and it must match, the photo ID on record. The on ice officials will conduct the ID check. If the player in question cannot provide a photo ID upon request, that player has a 24 hour window in which to submit this ID to the league commissioner. The clock starts with the end of the scheduled game time. For example - if the game started at 3:10pm on Sunday, the player has until 4:10pm on Monday to produce his photo ID. Failure to comply will result in a 1-0 loss for his team.

Note: It is the teams responsibility to make sure that all of their players are in compliance with this rule. This is not the league or the rink's responsibility. This is strictly up to team captain and players.

KCIC Championship Trophy - Chris Mentzel Memorial Cup

KCIC Championship Trophy - Chris Mentzel Memorial Cup

Adult Hockey Drop-In - Fridays at 12:00 pm

Adult Hockey lunch time drop-in every Friday from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. To be put on a list, call the rink after 9:00am on Friday. There is a limit of 30 participants. All players must be 18 years of age and  wear full equipment, including a helmet. 

All players must have a current USA Hockey number to participate in games! 



The Men's League Schedules  are under the appropriate league sections on the "Current Section" navigator box to the left.

League Rules

Three 12-minute stop periods with 1 minute intermissions. Each team has 1 timeout that will last 1 minute. Note: Playoff and Championship game times will vary and are subject to ice rink availability.

Playing of the Third Period:  The clock will go to run-time when there is a 6 goal margin. At the first stoppage of play when the hour/curfew clock shows five minutes of play remaining, the game clock will be reset to two (2) minutes of stop time at the referees direction, and the game shall be concluded. The hour/curfew clock starts when the Zamboni doors close after resurfacing the ice.

Overtime/Shootout Rules:  There are no tie games in any of the KCIC Adult Hockey Leagues.  In the event the third period ends with the score still tied, the game will move to a 5-minute, sudden death overtime, played with a numerical on-ice strength of 3-on-3 (plus the goalies).  If neither team scores in overtime, there will be a 5-man Shootout.  The home team will choose to shoot first or second.  If there remains a tie after the five shooters have gone, the game will move to single sudden death rounds until a winner is determined.  A team may not reuse a shooter in the shootout until all players on the team have shot, with the exception that if the opposing team has fewer players playing in that game, teams may reuse shooters once all shooters on the team with the fewer players have shot.  Teams that win overtime or shootout games will receive a normal win (worth two points), while teams that lose in overtime or a shootout will receive an overtime or shootout loss (worth one point).  If during overtime penalties are called, teams will play 4-on-3 or if necessary 5-on-3.  At no time can a team play with less than 3 skaters, plus the goalie.  If a team chooses to pull its goalie during overtime and the opposing team scores while the goaltender is off the ice, the team whose goalie was pulled shall forfeit the point they would otherwise get for an overtime loss, with the exception that if the goaltender leaves the ice during a delayed penalty and during the delayed penalty that team inadvertently scores into its own goal, they shall still receive the point for the overtime loss.

Penalties Near the End of the Game:  Five and 10 minute penalties in the last 5 minutes of a game or overtime that do not incur a suspension will be served by the player at the start of the next game with no on-ice penalty to the player's team. Two minute penalties occurring after the game will be served in the same manner. Failure to attend the next game will count as the player penalty being served.  

Ejected players:  When a player in any of our leagues receive a major or misconduct penalty (resulting in a game suspension), that player will be subject to additional game suspension(s), which may be assessed by the league commissioner.  

Substitution Rule:  A skater may be subbed when a team has less than 9 skaters and may only substitute up to 10. Subs must be of an equal or lower level than the league they are playing. The commissioner and opposing team captain must be informed as soon as possible to obtain and use a sub.  The sub must be a registered player in the league in order to play.  No outside subs are allowed.  In addition, subs must be approved by the opposing team captain.  The use of unregistered or unapproved subs will result in a game forfeit by the offending team and possible suspension of the offending player and/or team captain.  The same rule will apply to the playoffs. Goalies are a case-by-case basis.

Note - Z league substitution requirement: only the League Commissioner may approve a sub player for any regular season or playoff game.

Age:  To participate in any KCIC adult league, a player must be registered with the league and have a current USA Hockey membership, agreed to abide by the rules and signed a league waiver sheet, in addition to paying the posted players fee. All players must be 18 years of age or older to be on a team roster or fill in as a sub player.

Photo ID:  Every player who participates in the KCIC Adult Hockey League must provide a valid (government issued) photo ID. No exceptions. In the event a team requests a verification check of a player on the opposing team, the player in question must provide a photo ID as soon as the game is over and it must match, the photo ID on record. The on ice officials will conduct the ID check. If the player in question cannot provide a photo ID upon request, that player has a 24 hour window in which to submit this ID to the league commissioner. The clock starts with the end of the scheduled game time. For example - if the game started at 3:10pm on Sunday, the player has until 4:10pm on Monday to produce his photo ID. Failure to comply will result in a 1-0 loss for his team.

Note: It is the team's responsibility to make sure that all of their players are in compliance with this rule. This is not the league or the rink's responsibility. This is strictly up to team captain and players.

Roster:  All players who participate in KCIC adult hockey games must be on a roster. Only players who have registered through the league website (and have paid their fees) are eligible to participate. Registered players may play on multiple teams (but cannot play for two teams in the same division). For example; a player can play for 3 teams (providing they pay a league fee for each team they are rostered on) - A - B - C. 

Subs player regulations - sub players can only play for a team twice in any one season.

Forfeits:  If a team forfeits, they lose the game by the score of 3-0. In addition, their opponent gets the option to play their next game (as a penalty for not getting to play a game) or any other game on their schedule. In addition - the league reserves the right to suspend or remove a team from the schedule if the team is not conducting themselves in accordance with league rules.