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KC Ice Center - Shawnee, KS


That's right!! Roller and inline Public Skate return to KCIC for the summer!

Starting May 1st KCIC will offer Public Roller Skating on our outdoor Pavilion!!   

Fridays 7:30-10:00pm, Saturdays 12:45-2:45pm & 7:30-10:00 Sundays 1-3:00pm

Cost is $7 to skate and $3 for rental skates. Both quad skates and inline skates!!



July 7th-10th Top Speed Power Skating Clinic (Ages 2005-1996)

July 14th-18th Sniper Shooting Clinic (Ages 2005-1996)

July 21st-24th Top Speed Power Skating Clinic (Ages 2005-1996)

July 28th-July 31st U8 Development & Skills Clinic (Ages 8 and under or new)

Aug 4th-8th Battle Camp 3rd Annual (All Day Camp) (Ages 2005-1996)

*****Visit our Camps and Clinics Page for more info on times and registration

Late Spring 2014 Learn to Skate Classes April 21 - June14, 2014

The Late Spring Learn to Skate Session begins the week of Apri 21, 2014.  Online registration is available now!  Click on the registration link below to register.  The flyer below is available below for viewing if you need more information. (No classes May 26, 31, June 7) 

 Classes are on Mondays at 6:25 PM (Pre competitive, Adult 1/2, Snowplow 1/2, & Basic 1 - Basic 4) and 7:00 PM (Snowplow 3, Adult 3/4, & Basic 5 - Freestyle 6), or Saturdays at 11:15 AM (Spins, Adult 1/2, Snowplow 1/2, & Basic 1 - Basic 4) and 12:00 PM (Jumps, Snowplow3, Adult 3/4 & Basic 5 - Freestlye 6).  

Questions?  Please contact Skate Director Kay Gentges at kgentges@kcicecenter.com

Sign up for classes today!!  It is fun to skate and learn at KCIC!

Late Spring 2014 Home School Learn to Skate April 22, 2014 - May 27, 2014

The Late Spring 2014 Home School Learn to Skate session will begin on Tuesday April 22, 2014.  The time for the Home School lessons  is 10:30a.  This time is during  KCIC Public session time that is held from 9:00a - 11:30a.  You can come practice before you or after you skate!  Online registration is available now! Click on the link below to register!  View the flyer below if you need for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Skating Director Kay Gentges at kgentges@kcicecenter.com.

Summer Figure Skate Camps

Champ Camp - (for those who have thier loop jump)
           Tuesdays & Thursdays only from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Champ 1   --  June 3 - June 12, 2014 (4 sessions)
                         Champ 2   --   July 8 - July 17, 2014 (4 sessions)
                         Champ 3   --    July 22 - July 31, 2014
 (4 sessions)
Cost $60 (coaching fees not included)

Walk on/pro-rated fee $25 per day

Basic Skills Figrue Skate Camp (for those that are in Basic 5 & above)
              Tuesdays & Thursdays only from 11:30a - 2:15p

(on ice 12:00p - 1:30p -- off ice 11:30a - 1:45p & 1:45p - 2:15p) 
                        Camp 1 ---  June 3 - June 12, 2014 (4 sessions)
                        Camp 2 --   July 8 - July 17, 2014 (4 sessions)
Camp 3 --   July 22 - July 31, 2014 (4 sessions)
Cost $80

Walk on/pro rated fee $25 per day

Click on flyers below for more information!

Questions?  Contact Kay Gentges at kgentges@kcicecenter.com

Learn To Play Hockey Summer Session!! July 12th-August 30th

New Registration is Open!! Learn to Play Hockey sessions are every Saturday from 8:00am-8:45am.

Home School Skate

Home School Skate every first and third Friday of the month!! The next ones will be Friday 5/2 and 5/16 from 2p - 3p.  If you are homeschooled, you can skate during this time for $3 with parents skating for free!  These are the final two sessions until next fall! Don't miss out!!!! Come skate with us!

This week at KCIC

Thu 4/24 Fri 4/25 Sat 4/26 Sun 4/27 Mon 4/28

Freestyle Session
5:45am CDT

Freestyle Session
6:45am CDT

Freestyle Session
7:45am CDT

Public Session
9:00am CDT

Freestyle Session
3:20pm CDT

Freestyle Session
4:30pm CDT

Adult Open Hockey
12:00pm CDT

Freestyle Session
3:20pm CDT

JOCO Club Ice
4:20pm CDT

Learn To Play Hockey
8:00am CDT

JOCO Club Ice
9:00am CDT

Learn To Skate Classes
11:15am CDT

Public Session
12:45pm CDT

Public Session
1:00pm CDT

Freestyle Session
3:00pm CDT

JOCO Club Ice
4:10pm CDT

Learn to Skate Classes
6:25pm CDT