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KCIC Adult Z League

Regular Season 2019 Summer Adult Z League
2019 Summer Adult Z League x Regular Season

Z League Playoffs

Z League Playoff Schedule

Play In Game - Thursday September 12th - 9:50pm - Templarz 0  Killer Beez 4

Z League Semi-finals

Game 1 - Sunday September 15th - 6:00pm - Killer Beez (4th place) vs Wolfpack (1st place)

Game 2 - Sunday September 15th - 7:30pm - Zeppelins (3rd place) vs  Zombies (2nd place)

Z League Championship Game

Thursday September 19th - game 2 winner vs game 3 winner 

Upcoming Schedule Changes for August

The youth league teams are back on the ice starting August 12th - so some of the games have been moved to other dates or the times have changed.

Please check your schedule very carefully.

An Invitation to Join a Truly Novice Hockey League

Know how to skate (a little)?  Want to play hockey but have taken a look at the lowest level and thought, “no way, those guys are too good“.  Perhaps you’ve played for a long time, but you think game of hockey has passed you by?  Maybe you never caught up with it in the first place?  But you still want to play hockey, right?
Here’s your chance.


The Z League!


The qualifications to play in the Z-League are quite comprehensive. The following criteria would allow you to play in the Z-League.
  • You have never played an organized game of hockey in your life
  • You currently play but have used the same stick for the past three seasons
  • You can skate backwards but it doesn’t look good
  • You are “skill challenged”
  • One trip up and down the ice and you’re gassed
  • You can’t explain what interference is
  • You are old, slow, overweight or all of the above
The following criteria will disqualify you from playing in the Z-League.
  • You can take the puck behind your net, skate around three defenders and flip in a backhander on the stick side
  • You can top shelf a slapshot from the blue line
  • You sharpen your skates more than once a season
  • You once played on a team where your pants and socks matched your jersey
Bottom line
If you’re really good, you can’t play here.
So, round up some of your old hockey friends and let them know about this new opportunity.
If you are already on a Bob Klem team, you may be invited to join the Z League.  If you are not registered to play for a KCIC Adult Hockey team but believe the Z League is right for you and wish to play, you must register.  Either way, YOU MUST REGISTER TO PLAY.  Registration is now available (see links above and below).  While specific team participation is not guaranteed, if there are specific players or captains you'd prefer to play with, you'll be able to indicate that preference when you register.  Once available, you'll be contacted by your team captain, plus rosters will be posted here. 
If you're a Bob Klem league player who thinks he or she is more suited for the Z league, simply register to play in the Z League.  If you'd like to be considered to play in both the C and Z Leagues (which requires registering to play in both leagues), please contact League Commissioner Tom Prendergast at to determine if you qualify.
Note that the intent is to strictly adhere to the intended level of play in this league.  Should the commissioner rule that you are not eligible to be a Z League player, you WILL NOT be allowed to play.  The commissioner's decision will be solely made, harsh, and final.  If you are told you cannot play in the Z League, take it as a complement on your level of play.
For the rest of us, it should be a whole lot of fun!